Few seconds are enough to start exercising your memory


MemoFit® is meant to train both memory and all cognitive functions, is designed for anyone and structured based on efficient and amusing courses.

An important aid to improve our mnemonic abilities while keeping our brain healthy and young

Who is it addressed to?

For people like you who want to maintain their psychophysical health over time.
For those students who are willing to improve their studying method and the performance of their exams.
For the companies that want to improve the performance of their managerial staff and workers.
For associations, clubs and meeting centres that will be able to propose such a course to their members.

Why it should be followed

It improves both memory and cognitive performance

It helps to make cognitive prevention

It implements socialization

The MemoFit Metod

Based on the scientific principle of neurogenesis, the process helping the formation of new nerve-cells regenerating our brain, the MemoFit® courses are the most innovative instrument in the field of cognitive prevention and can protect us also from dementia.

A training for both memory and all the cognitive functions, designed on purpose by Doctor Massimo Veneziano, one of the most important experts in the neuro-psycho-geriatric field.
Scientifically understanding the processes that, over time, make our brain less brilliant, allowed Doctor Massimo Veneziano, during more than twenty years of experience in such a sector, to design and propose such a unique training method.

A number of exercises characterised by an increasing difficulty that will allow the participants to get their trust and self-confidence back, facing their daily tasks and the stressing difficulties connected to memory with a stronger motivation and less fears.

MemoFit Courses